Charlevoix, MI

Well, as Mother Nature would have it, we just spent 9 days in Charlevoix!  This was for a handful of reasons.  We left Mackinac Island after our morning of biking and headed to Charlevoix knowing we had to leave the boat for a few days.  My grandfather passed away June 30, 2018 and the funeral was delayed a bit until everything could be organized.  It was scheduled for Saturday August 18th so we knew we had to be somewhere that we could get a rental car.  Our friend Erik told us he wasn’t using his slip in Charlevoix and we could leave the boat there while we traveled home for the funeral.  This was so generous of him and we are thankful to have such great friends!  We got in right around dinnertime and got all settled.  The kids immediately wanted to take a quick swim in the pool.   It was late but we let them because I knew the next morning would be crazy with trying to pack up and get the rental car, etc.

Friday we drove to Chicago and had dinner with Ben’s brother and family.  We got the kids settled in their beds at home and tried to get organized for the next day.  The funeral was lovely and it was special to be with so much family.  After the cemetery service everyone came back to our house and hung out for the rest of the afternoon.  My grandfather was almost 101 and it was an incredible life to celebrate!

Sunday it was time for another wonderful family celebration – a wedding/engagement/bridal luncheon for my baby sister Emily and her fiance Josh!  It was great to all smile and laugh and celebrate new beginnings.


Next stop after the luncheon was Ben’s family’s house in Michigan.  The girls swam and we celebrated Fred’s and Sophie’s birthdays and played until around 7 when we had to hit the road.  We still had 4.5 more hours to go to get back to Charlevoix.  We got the kids to bed about 11:45 PM Sunday night and hoped they would sleep in Monday morning. We had some thoughts we would travel to Elk Rapids but the weather dashed those thoughts pretty quickly.


We spent quite awhile in Charlevoix last fall so we hadn’t planned to spend time there this trip.  But, like I said, Mother Nature had other plans.  With no chance of getting the boat out in super strong winds and bad conditions on Lake Michigan, we decided to hang onto our rental car.  We had plans to rent a pontoon boat on Torch Lake for a day and decided we may as well just drive there and skip boating down into Grand Traverse Bay.  I’ll do a separate post about Torch Lake!

So, we had almost a full week left in Charlevoix based on the forecast.  We went to the library again.  It’s still great.  We went to the beach again.  Also still great!  The girls rode their scooters all over town.  We saw the mushroom houses.  We ate crepes.  We went back to the local toy store and bought more stuff (Kanoodle – highly recommend!).  We bought more fudge.  It was like a repeat of last Sept/Oct!  But it was all good.  Wilsons and Herbons were both there so the kids had a blast at the beach.  We had docktails and met lots of other boaters also waiting.  We had a pool at our marina as well.  So, swim, beach, scooters, friends.  What more do you need?

Friday was our anniversary!  It also happened to be Kathy’s parents’ 50th anniversary!  Kathy texted me Happy Anniversary and mentioned her parents were close by in Harbor Springs.  She texted back a minute later saying never mind, they are actually in Charlevoix!  What???  So, they found us, parked their car, and visited for a few.  It’s special to share an anniversary with such a wonderful couple.  We had a lot of hugs and smiles and are so happy we got to see Tom and Eileen for a few minutes.

Happy August 24th Anniversaries!

Bobby and Wendy graciously offered to keep the girls so we could go out for dinner.  It was raining on and off all day and Ben and I were both just on the fence of not caring if we went out or not.  Bobby and Wendy all but insisted and took the girls.  I’m so glad they did.  We went back, changed clothes, made ourselves presentable and headed out to dinner.  We had a fantastic dinner.  Definitely the best and most interesting food since we left Chicago.  It was good to get out and celebrate.

The lake was angry all week long.  Charlevoix is a great place to wait that craziness out!  Thanks Charlevoix for treating us well once again.

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  • August 28, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    As the owner of a 2005 Carver 570 I have enjoyed reading your post and any references to problems/modifications
    with the boat. I am having instrument problems at odd intervals with the starboard engine. Oil pressure,voltage and
    temperature stop reading and then return to normal. Have you had any of this ?


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