Gore Bay, ON

We’re finally getting to Canada!  Sure feels like it has taken awhile.  We left DeTour Village and made our way across the imaginary line in the water into Canadian waters.  We cruised passed Meldrum Bay, where our friends stopped, and kept going to Gore Bay.  Gore Bay was already closed for the season last September when we came through and it sounded cute in Waterway Guide so I wanted to see it.  We had a smooth trip but we kept noticing how big the waves were.  We were running with them so it wasn’t a problem.  Every now and then we would comment that if we pulled out and saw water like that we would have turned around.  And if we had been traveling the opposite direction it would have been terrible for us.  So, we were a little worried when we had to make the big, sweeping turn into the bay.  But it was pretty smooth and once we got behind the break wall we were fine.  The wind picked up just in time to dock, but the slip they put us in was empty next to us and HUGE.  We have never seen so much space between boats.  The marina was great.  One of the nicest we’ve been to in awhile.  And really big for these little towns up here.

Along the way I managed to complete a 500 piece puzzle.  The girls joined in for the last half hour and helped me finish it.  It’s a Cubs puzzle with hidden pictures in it.  They spent some time searching out all of the pictures.  Then we all went downstairs to help with docking.  The wind got crazy and I heard Ben say through the headset that the puzzle had just gone flying.  Oh boy.  This has happened before and I had a good system figured out for weighting them down and protecting them.  Not so much this time.  One good gust and the entire puzzle up and flew off the table.  So, we picked the pieces up and moved on with our day.  Hey, it was already done!


Ben got us checked in with Canadian Customs and we got off the boat and walked for ages trying to figure out where to sign in for the marina.  The town has these beautiful wooden boardwalks and benches all over so we just kept following the pathway and eventually got there.  We walked into town briefly and then left the kids at the park while we went back to the boat for a few minutes.  We picked them up and walked to Buoys for dinner.  There was live music and the kids jumped in with maracas playing along.

We knew the winds Thursday and Friday were going to be pretty strong so we decided to stay put on Thursday.  Ben spent the day working so I took the kids exploring.  We walked into town and milled around for a bit.  Stopped in both pharmacies and price shopped and picked up some kinetic sand for the girls.  Stopped in the grocery store to stock up on a few things, but held off on produce because there was a farmer’s market Friday morning.


After lunch the girls and I took off exploring the other direction.  We went down to the Harbor Center to see what was inside.  But when we got there we discovered that outside they were having a used book sale.  You know how we love those.  We stocked up and bought 11 more books.  After the Harbor Center we went down to the beach.  And then of course the girls wanted to swim so we walked back to the boat, changed into suits and walked back to the beach. Gore Bay isn’t very big but we walked A LOT during our time there.

Thursday afternoon six boats pulled in with exhausted looking crew.  The girls and I could see the bay from the beach and it was insane out there.  I am so glad we didn’t attempt to move.  Two of the six boats had damage to their dinghy brackets.  They were coming from the east, so going right into the waves and just got beat up.  One of the brackets had a cracked welding.  Needless to say it was not a good day to be on the water.  One of the six boats was a gold looper boat we had met on our loop.  It was a lot of fun to catch up with them!

We decided to stay again on Friday because the Harbour Days festival was kicking off and Saturday was full of activities for the girls.  Sunday looked like a good day for travel so we just committed to staying until then.  We went to the farmer’s market Friday morning excited to stock up on produce.  And there was none!  No tomatoes.  No corn.  No veggies other than zucchini and a few greens.  No fruit at all.  It was so strange.  We picked up some butter tarts and muffins and some smoked fish dip and now needed a second trip to the store to buy all the produce I planned to get at the farmer’s market.

Ben went back to the boat to work and I took the kids to explore again.  Our first stop was the Gore Bay museum housed in the old jail.  It was a little bizarre to say the least.  Very tiny and each jail cell displayed a different area of the town.  Old artifacts from a shoemaker in one cell.  A seamstress shop in another cell.  And so on.  There was one jail cell set as it would have been for the jail.

We climbed up to the second level to look around a little more.  Molly got to the top of the steps and gasped.  We ended up laughing.  Anyone who knows me knows how much birds freak me out.  Molly too.  There were huge stuffed birds everywhere!  We finished looking around in the rest of the rooms.  We came across an old telephone.  “That was a telephone???”  Madelyn was shocked.  The other half of the museum was an art gallery so we took a few minutes to look at some of the local art and photography on display before heading out.

The girls were thrilled when Let’s Go pulled into the marina.  They got their puppy back!  Off they went.  Marshall and Judy just handed over her leash and the girls ran around with her for an hour or two!  We walked over to the Split Rail Brewing Company for their one year birthday party and visited with Marshall and Judy.  Then another walk to grab some fish and chips for dinner.


Saturday morning I took a long walk around the bay.  It was quite a calm and serene setting.  After taking the waterfront boardwalk around one way, I took a different route back.  So often with boating we hop off the boat and walk right to the one little main street in town.  I like to walk around and see the rest of the area.  I found the school and senior center and a really cute Catholic church.  I also looked up at one point and there was a deer right in front of me.

The Harbour Days events ramped up around 11 with a water show in the harbor right in front of our boat.  After the show were the cardboard boat races!  I had heard about these before but had never seen one.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  There were three races.  The first race was kids solo in their boats.  The second was a family race with at least two family members.  And the third was open to anyone.  Blazer won the first race and came in second in the second race.  It was an impressive feat of cardboard and duct tape!  Some of the boats sank immediately or capsized fairly quickly.  But it was a good time for everyone participating and watching.  I liked the Viking ship.


Next we headed to the kid activities.  The girls picked inflatable jousting first.  Then onto seeing the Canadian fire truck and talking to the volunteer fireman about all of their equipment.  Next up was the splash park briefly and then they were off to the foam pool party.  They had a great time getting sudsy and then going down the little water slide only to do it all over again.

We were all ready for a little break after that.  We finished the day with BLTs on the boat and a quick trip to the park.  Once the girls were in bed, Ben and I were able to visit with Mike and Maria from Aqua-Fennatic again for a bit.  Sunday morning we were finally going to get moving and head towards Killarney!


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