Gulfport, FL – Part IV

In between guests and the quick Chicago trip we had a couple of weeks on our own in Gulfport. The girls and I have been working through a long Marine Biology unit. Way back at the beginning of the unit we studied all the various levels and pelagic zones in the ocean. The girls built their own tidal pool up on the fly bridge. They collected some sand and built a tide pool and the various levels of the ocean. They demonstrated what happens when the tide comes in and goes out. And then we let it bake in the sun for a few days and watched how much water evaporated!

Ben headed to Miami for the boat show during our downtime. He had a busy week and my mom was sweet enough to come hang on the boat with me and the girls! We caught some beautiful sunsets, I caught some beautiful sunrises, and we checked out the fabulous St. Pete Beach Community Pool. The pool at our marina still wasn’t open and this one had mushroom fountains and water slides!

We had a little excitement…one of Maddy’s not even week old brackets came loose while at the pool. I found an amazing orthodontist in St. Petersburg who fixed her right up. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon her. She got Maddy in immediately and was so sweet to her.

We continued to pass the days with school in the mornings, walks, bike rides, roller blading and swimming in the afternoons. It was fun to have grandma staying with us. One night for dinner we got to share the fish Jim caught that day. Yum. She also spent Valentine’s Day with us and Jim brought us all treats to celebrate!

After Ben was back we had a few extra days before our next visitors arrived. Their flight was canceled because of stupid winter weather in Chicago so we had a few extra days to kill before they could get rescheduled. We had a fun dinner on the boat with Gabi and John. We really enjoy having friends local. We introduced them to Little Beers! It’s a “looper” drink that someone first gave us in Niceville. Gabi and John liked them as much as we did.

Countdown is on for our next visitors: my friend Debbie and her kids, Laurel and Nate, from Chicago!

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