Hello 2019, Need to Finish out 2018

I dropped the ball completely on blogging.  Our trip down the Mississippi was not fun.  And it continued for awhile longer of unpleasant rain and cold temperatures on down to Mobile Bay.  So, I was grumpy, wet and cold and found no energy to write about any of it.  But it’s a new year.  And looking back on my pictures we had a lot of fun times as well.  Even way back in October.  Yikes that was a long time ago.  I’m going to try to do a few catch up posts and get back on track.  We are currently in the panhandle of FL waiting out a long string of rain and fog days to move east and cross the Gulf down to Clearwater, FL, hopefully next week.  We’ve been enjoying family time here and celebrated Christmas and NYE.  More on that after I catch up on the entire fall.

Thanks for tuning in despite my lack of writing….I’ll do better!

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