John Island, ON

After our departure from the beautiful Benjamin Islands we headed back to Gore Bay, where we began our Canadian adventure earlier this summer.  We had plans to meet up with another family there and were excited to see them.  It eased the pain of pulling anchor in the Benjamins!  Erik, Sarah, Isabel, Sam and Will arrived late afternoon and our girls were super excited to see them.  The Wilsons came to Gore Bay with us as well and as soon as Erik and Sarah got settled we took all of the kids to the beach to cool off a bit.  We managed dinner with 14 of us at Buoys and talked about a loose plan for the next day.  Bobby and Wendy had plans to head back into the US to DeTour Village while we decided to spend another day in Canada so we had a little time to visit with Erik, Sarah and the kids.  We were debating maybe anchoring at Beardrop Harbour or possibly going back to the southwest end of the Benjamins.  Eventually we tabled the discussion until morning.

The next morning many of us attended an adorable Anglican church in town.  As Bobby, Wendy, their girls, my girls and I, and Sarah and two of her three all filed in we literally filled half the church!  The priest welcomed us with open arms and at the end of the service said how wonderful it was to have all of the kids there.  He mentioned that all of the kids seem to belong to different churches in the area and that it brought so much life to the church to have them all there.

At some point Sunday night Bobby decided he was ok with delaying their return to the US another day.  This meant they were joining us for one more North Channel anchorage!  We all settled on John Island.  John Island was near Beardrop but a little more open.  We left Gore Bay around 1 pm and headed up that way.  The girls were super excited to have Isabel on board Have Another Day for the ride!  It was an easy cruise and all three boats got anchored in a beautiful setting.  The kids were immediately in the water.  We barely had our anchor down and Ella was already paddling our way.  Ben got the dinghy down and zipped Isabel to her boat to grab a swimming suit.  Pretty soon we had paddle boards and kayaks and lily pads and dinghies all over the place!  Another sign of a great anchorage.  John Island was completely different scenery and beautiful in its own way.  We had docktails on our boat and all hung out for a bit.  Before bed the Wilsons moved over to raft up with us.  We got all the kids in bed and played some rummy the rest of the evening.

Monday was our last hurrah!  We were determined to make the most of it before we had to say goodbye to Canada for this summer and head back to the US.  We had a full morning.  The kids were jumping off the bow and flybridge before they’d even had breakfast.  They are some brave souls and had a lot of fun.

I really wanted to explore a bit by dinghy so I took Wendy, Mia, AnnaMay, Isabel and Molly out for a ride.  We found a little beach and cruised over some really big boulders in the water.

Next up I wanted to beach the dinghy and climb on the rocks a bit.  The terrain was so different from our last anchorage that I just wanted to put my feet on the ground for a few minutes.  Maddy paddled over while Ben took the rest of us in the dinghy.  We picked up Isabel and Sam along the way and all climbed around for a bit.

Finally I took a long paddle board ride by myself.  It was serene and peaceful and I paddled over to this amazing cove that I had seen other boats go in.  I knew our boat couldn’t make it in there but I loved paddling in and seeing the other boats.  What a cool private little place to tuck into.  After that I finally jumped in.  I don’t like cold water so I usually don’t get in.  But this was my last chance in the North Channel so in I went and it felt great.  All the kids were still having a blast with the kayaks and paddle boards and each other.

After a few minutes we had to say a lot of sad goodbyes.  Erik and Sarah were heading onto Killarney and the Wilsons and Steins were heading to DeTour Village.  Then came the arduous process of pulling up the paddle boards, hoisting the dinghy, getting everything secured and then pulling anchor.

Goodbye for now Canada….you’ve been more than we could have hoped for this summer!


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