Kagawong, ON

We left Baie Fine and headed towards Kagawong.  Once we got back out into the North Channel I called Kagawong marina to confirm our reservation.  There was a lot of scrambling on the line and it turned out that one of the dock hands had given away our spots and there was not room for us.  We were originally supposed to come in the previous day but I had called to say we were delayed a day.  The marina is VERY small.  They offered their outside wall.  Power cords don’t really reach and it’s unprotected to the bay.  No thank you.  So, we had to quickly change plans and stop in Little Current again for the night.  Once the Pronks got their tent set up in Kagawong they drove to Little Current to meet us.  All of these towns are quite close together by car.  It was such a great reunion!  Marcos and Lucas and all of the girls quickly got right back to playing.  This was the first time all three families had been together at the same time.  The Wilsons and Pronks spent time together.  The Wilsons and Steins spent time together and the Pronks and Steins spent time together but this was the first time we were all three together.  We headed to the only restaurant in town for dinner and then the kids fished and played tag up and down the waterfront walkway while we chatted.

The next morning James dropped Nancy and the boys off at the docks again.  We invited whoever wanted to ride with us on the boat to Kagawong.  James graciously drove (turns out he and the boys got to take a boat ride on another Looper’s boat when he came through Peterborough).  Nancy and Marcos rode with us and Lucas rode on La Cigale with AnnaMay.  Marcos, Molly and Maddy giggled and played and seemed to have a great time.  It was a lovely morning and an easy hour and a half cruise into Kagawong.


We got settled in the marina.  The kids were off the boat in a flash and ran over to the beach.  I made everyone sandwiches and grabbed some towels and water bottles for the hike to Bridal Veil Falls.  We loved Bridal Veil Falls last year.  A hidden gem in little Kagawong, ON.


The walk/hike there is beautiful and one of the paths was even manageable with Mia’s wheelchair!

When we were here last September we had the falls to ourselves but there were also salmon in the water and it was cold.  This year it was hot and sunny and everyone (except me!) jumped in and swam.  The big kids had a blast swimming under the waterfall and climbing up behind it.  They played and played.  Madelyn was a little nervous about it so she stuck to playing on the rocks with Mia and Ella.  It was a fabulous afternoon.  Ben had to stay at the boat and work but managed to make it over just as we were packing up to leave.  We managed to get a group picture with all of us!

The whole group!

After we walked back from the falls we stopped in the church right next to the marina.  I wanted Wendy to see it.  It contains history from a tragic story on the bay.  The pulpit in the church is the actual bow of a boat that sunk in the bay where 2 children and 2 adults lost their lives after hitting some rocks.  The story is long and incredibly sad.  The church has a mariners theme.  We stopped in last year as well and it was good to stop by and see it again.


We had a good old fashioned cookout and picnic for dinner and watched a truly spectacular sunset.  The colors were indescribable and just kept getting better.  Eventually we had to give lots of hugs and say our goodbyes.  We hope the Pronks can come visit in Chicago sometime.  It was so special to catch up with James and Nancy and give the kids more kids to play with!

The plan was to head out the next morning to the Benjamin Islands.  Ben had a 9 AM conference call and Bobby was getting some work done and then we were going to leave.  I took a nice long walk early to get some exercise in before anchoring for a few days.  We were all ready to go and boom….the wind.  Ben is always cautious of the wind.  I frequently poo poo it.  This was insane wind straight out of the west.  This little tiny marina has a big floating buoy in the entrance channel.  It marks the start of a very large rock pile.  The only way for us out of the marina is to pull out into the harbor and then back out of the marina because there was not enough room to turn going forward with those rocks.  The wind would have blown us right into the rocks.  Ben went up to the office to say we were going to have to stay and the guy working said we had to leave because they had boats coming in.  Hmmm…remember yesterday when we had a reservation and they gave our slip away???  Remember that???  Well, needless to say they worked it out and doubled up some boats in slips and we all fit and waited out the wind just fine.

Now, what were we going to do all day?  Well, we started with the farmer’s market!  I was skeptical because the last two farmer’s markets have been terrible as far as fresh produce goes.  But Kagawong was great.  Mostly, one stand was great.  We stocked up.  Green beans, pears, peppers, tomatoes.  Wendy got watermelon and apricots as well.

Maddy and Ella collected a lot of rocks from Bridal Veil Falls.  They carried them all the way back to the marina and set up a little store on a picnic table.  They ended up making $20 CAD selling rocks!  They sat at that picnic table almost the entire day.  They did take some time to both go fishing and to polish their nails.  But they had some serious stamina and their hard work paid off.


Wendy and I took Mia, AnnaMay and Molly to the museum on the other side of the beach.  I figured it would be small and pretty minimal like Gore Bay.  But we were pleasantly surprised.  We started with the Post Office museum.   It was an old post office building that had been picked up and moved to this site.  It contained some information about how the mail was delivered and a lot of old family artifacts from the families that settled and started the town of Kagawong.

Then we moved onto the main museum.  It was actually quite full of information and interesting things to look at.  There were displays on all of the sawmills in Kagawong and a lot of history describing how important the waterfront was to Kagawong.  Fisheries and the sawmills were the big industries.  There was a picture of when the Kagawong marina was built.  It is exactly as it is today!  Only back then it didn’t have finger slips.  It was just the wide open walls for the fishing boats and barges to pull in.

Kagawong is a great stop off the beaten path.  We’ve enjoyed it two years in a row.  It has a lot to offer for a visit.  But after we made it through the entire day killing time and hanging around we were very excited to head out early the next morning before any wind kicked up!

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