Killarney, ON

After a lovely stay in Gore Bay, it was time to move on.  We headed towards Killarney Monday morning.  We loved Killarney when we stopped through last summer and were excited to see it again.  There is nothing there to speak of.  No real town, nothing much to do, but it’s just charming and a great place to visit with other boaters.  Killarney Channel separates the mainland from George Island and boats, paddle boards, kayaks, sea planes, dinghies, and any other water craft you can imagine go up and down the channel all day long.

We were also anxious to arrive because we knew two other families doing the Loop were in Killarney and we’d finally all get to meet up.  We traveled for about 4 1/2 months on our first loop before meeting up with another family.  We have made near and dear friends everywhere we go, but having friends our kids’ ages is so special.

We got docked at Sportsmans Inn on the George Island side of their docks.  This means a pontoon boat runs you back and forth across the tiny channel to get to mainland.  We hopped aboard and headed over.  Next we headed to the annual Volunteer Firemans’ Fish Fry to meet up with the Zeeffs on Livin’ the Dream and the Herbons on INNTW.  We found them as soon as we arrived and the kids made fast friends.  Ben and I met the Zeeffs and their kids at the AGLCA Spring Rendezvous but our kids had not met and we had only met the Herbons via Facebook.  We all hit it off and had a great night.  We stood around and talked and swapped stories for a few hours while the kids ran off together and played on the playground.  They were filthy and happy at the end of the day.  A nice walk back to the marina, some much needed showers, and bed!

We were treated to an amazing bagpipe performance at sunset.  A man on the small sailboat next to us pulled a full set of bagpipes out of his boat and stood on the dock playing for about a half hour.  It was amazing.  Just another special treat this trip has provided.

Tuesday morning we got up and the girls and I headed down to Killarney Mountain Lodge to the pool to meet up with everyone else while Ben worked for a few hours.  Killarney Mountain Lodge has a pool, a rare find up here.  The kids only swam about 20 minutes and had more fun climbing on the rocks, planting little flowers, finding water snakes, and playing with the giant chess board.  It’s unclear if they were actually playing chess or if it morphed into some other game of carrying the pieces around.

Ben made his way over around lunchtime and got the Herbons generator issues fixed.  We all headed back to the boat for a few minutes to get out of the sun and regroup.  The girls and I took the dinghy over to the Zeeff’s boat for a few to hang out and then we picked up Ben and headed out with the Zeeffs on dinghies to check out Covered Portage anchorage.  We hoped to head there the following day and Ben wanted to scope it out and check depths and rocks.

After cruising around the anchorages, George and Melissa took all the kids for rides on their ZUP board!  They loved it.  I see one of those in our future for sure.  We ended the day with the Zeeffs on our boat for a visit and a quick kid dinner while they played a bit more.

Our friends Marshall and Judy on Let’s Go arrived in Killarney as well with their 6 month old puppy Mindy.  The girls adore her so they got a couple more visits in!  We planned to pull out of Killarney to go anchor in Covered Portage for a couple of days but they went to walk Mindy first and play with her for a bit.

Killarney did not disappoint.  It’s always a fun stop!

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