Leaving Chicago, Heading North

Brand new blog and I’m already behind.  But I’m going to get caught up and back on track.  We left Chicago Monday July 9th and traveled up the Wisconsin coast of Lake Michigan heading towards Manistique, MI in the Upper Peninsula.  We’ve done this trip by boat a couple of times before, usually taking a week to ten days to travel north.  We’ve gone both north and south through Wisconsin and Door County (which yes I know is in Wisconsin) and enjoy the towns along the way.  But this trip we had 3 days of PERFECT weather forecast for Lake Michigan and a lot of miles to cover (just under 300 miles) so we adjusted our planned out stops and instead decided to stretch as far as we could each day.

Monday we traveled from Chicago to Port Washington, WI.  We’ve been here before and it’s a charming little Wisconsin town.  We left Chicago early and traveled around 11 hours and about 110 miles.  That didn’t leave much time for sight seeing.  We docked and Ben immediately realized we had some sort of electrical issue.  I got the girls off the boat and we walked around town while he dealt with that.  He wrote an article all about it if you’d like to read it:  https://www.panbo.com/red-hot-studs-and-melted-wires-could-have-been-worse/  The girls and I walked around and remembered where we went a few years ago when we spent a few days in Port Washington.  They played at the park for a few minutes and then we headed back to the boat to eat dinner and head to bed.  Ben and I fought off a black fly invasion all day and we were all ridiculously fatigued from the bugs and heat, but we were so thankful to have had no wind on the lake!  Day 1 complete and successful.

We started very early Tuesday morning and headed north once again.  Our plan for Tuesday was to get to Sturgeon Bay, WI.  We’ve always gotten off Lake Michigan at the Sturgeon Cut and gone into Sturgeon Bay.  This time we planned to do just that, but debated coming back out the cut Wednesday morning and heading straight north on the lake the rest of the way to Manistique, rather than going north through Green Bay and then back out to the lake.  However, as Ben is selling Yacht Devices (http://www.yachtdevicesus.com) parts while we are on board in addition to writing for Panbo, our schedule is subject to change based on work.  He got a couple of orders Tuesday while we were moving that needed to be shipped overnight.  After a lot of Googling and searching Ben determined the closest US Post Office and UPS drop box to a marina were in Egg Harbor, WI.  Unfortunately they weren’t very close by in Sturgeon Bay.  This determined we would be heading north through Green Bay.  We traveled 130 miles Tuesday in a very, very long day.  We tied up in Egg Harbor, the girls and I jumped off the boat and ran into town to drop off packages at the post office and UPS drop box.

Sturgeon Cut Lighthouse

Egg Harbor is one of our favorite places in Door County.  It has great food, cute shops, a beautiful waterfront and amazing sunsets.  After our quick run into town, we went back to the marina and got Ben to come walk with us.  We all needed a few minutes of moving around even though it was past bedtime for the girls and we were all exhausted. Thankfully no wind or bugs Tuesday so we actually weren’t as tired as the day before!  But we did take a quick walk into town and went to one of our favorites, The Chocolate Chicken, and stocked up on Door County Cherry Salsa.  It’s so good and I’m so happy they still carry it.  We also let the girls get ice cream and then headed back to watch the sunset and head to bed.

Egg Harbor, WI Sunset

Since we traveled 130 miles on Tuesday, we only had about 75 left for Wednesday.  We were all excited for a shorter day on the water!  The girls were antsy.  We were antsy.  After very much limiting tech time for them through the school year and the summer it all went to hell on these three days.  We were just underway for SO LONG and started SO EARLY.  We woke them each morning starting the engines and they were cooked.  But….they got back to all their normal boat activities as well.  We did a little bit of spelling and math workbooks.  Read.  And they got to work almost immediately on Day 1 with a new Lego set.  We also have a puzzle going as always and they are currently super into playing cards.  One of the days Molly played Solitaire on the floor to keep cards from blowing while Maddy and I played Rummy.

We got back into some of our favorite boat meals too.


But we were all VERY ready to arrive in Manistique, see our very wonderful friends, and get to the beach and run around!  It was such a welcome sight to see a third day of absolutely mirror like waters on Lake Michigan.  It just doesn’t happen very often.

It was an even more welcome sight to see the Manistique Lighthouse!

Manistique, MI Lighthouse

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