Little Current, ON

After two amazing days anchored in Covered Portage, we were excited to head to Baie Fine.  But upon looking at the weather it looked like we were going to have some pretty decent storms so we decided maybe we should head to Little Current instead and get to a marina and then backtrack to Baie Fine when the weather improved.  We got settled in Little Current and of course no storms ever hit.  We had originally planned to come to Little Current the following day for the Haweater Festival so this just put us in town a day earlier.  We’d all rather spend these days in Canada at anchor enjoying the beauty around us, but sometimes we just have to make a call based on what we think will be best.  We spent the rest of Thursday just hanging around and took a quick walk up and down the dock after dinner to burn off some energy.  Herb Seaton on Phanthom, along with many other Loopers, were in the marina so we went and said hello.

Friday morning Ben and Bobby had to work so Wendy and I took all the kids out and about.  The Haweater Festival was underway.  The main street in town was closed to traffic and set up with various booths.  Between the booths and the shops in town we spent quite awhile just looking around.  Then we took a long walk to the park and beach.  There were supposed to be some activities set up for kids out that way.  On our way we spotted a Hawberry tree.  We learned that a Haweater is a person who was born on Manitoulin Island.  Little Current is on Manitoulin Island.  Long ago when the winters would get particularly rough, the people resorted to eating hawberries to stay alive.  Apparently hawberry jam and other products are made, yet we have not found hawberry anything anywhere.  But here was the actual tree!  Wendy was brave and tried one of the berries.  It was awful!  She spit it out and spent the next 20 minutes trying to get rid of the taste.  After looking up more information about them we learned they aren’t harvested until fall.  Apparently August is not the right time to try tasting one.


At the park crews were setting up bounce houses and a horse corral for the festival.  The girls ran over to see all of the ponies.  Maddy was so excited.  They weren’t quite set up yet so we sent the kids to the playground.  They all played for awhile and then Maddy was desperate to ride one of the ponies.  I gave her a choice between the pony ride and an airbrush tattoo at one of the stands in town.  All the other girls were going to get the tattoos.  Maddy is obsessed with horses currently so she picked that.  She got a quick pony ride around in a circle but then got to pet her pony for a few minutes.

After the pony ride we headed back to the boats for some lunch and whittled the afternoon away not doing too much.  A walk to the grocery store.  A trip for ice cream.  Not too much else!

Saturday we had a busy festival morning.  I was very excited about yoga on the docks.  I do a lot of exercise and stretching on my own but it isn’t the same as a full hour of yoga.  So, Molly and I headed out for the class first thing and AnnaMay joined us halfway through.  It felt wonderful!  Next up was the Haw-run.  Molly, Ella and Maddy ran in the kids’ 1k fun run.  It was Ella’s first race and despite some nerves she took off running with Molly and Maddy.  Molly finished it in 5 minutes.  Maddy and Ella were pretty close behind a minute or so later.  Molly was a bit shocked at how short it was.  Congratulations to all of them!

On our way back to the waterfront we stopped to see the Carver Kings.  Pretty incredible to watch the chainsaw carvings.

We ended up missing the afternoon bobbing for donuts and watermelon eating contest.  But Wendy took the girls up for the magic show.  We met them there and walked over to Herb’s boat for docktails.  It was a beautiful night and we had a nice time visiting with so many other Loopers in town.

Our time in Little Current was fine, but we were ready to get back to nature on Sunday!

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