Manistique, MI – Part 2

Race day!  We try to come to Manistique for Folkfest weekend most summers.  We first ran the Paper Chase in 2012.  That was the first race Ben and I had ever run.  We ran it again in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (Molly’s first year running with us!).  We were on the Great Loop for 2017 so we missed it.  Madelyn joined us this year for the first time.  As did Sabina.  So, all 9 of us ran/walked.  Jack ran the 10k and the rest of us did the 5k.  Between my chronic back issues and a spring hip injury, I can’t run anymore, but I’m becoming competitive in speed walking!  I am so proud of the girls.  I figured Madelyn would jog a bit and mostly stay back with me.  But off she went with Claudia and Molly.  She kept up with them for a bit and then hung back and walked/jogged with Sabina and Kathy.  Claudia and Molly paced each other and ran the entire way.  Livia trained hard for the race and finished first place for women overall in the 5k!  Madelyn earned a 3rd place medal and Ben a 1st!  My big accomplishment was that I finished walking the 5k before Jack finished running the 10k.  It was close.

The Denkins family ran the race as well.  We kept in touch while we were both looping, but we were always in different places.  Last winter when we were in FL by car, all of us finally met in Ft. Myers.  Manistique was the first time they had seen our boat.  We told them to stop by after the race and hang out for a bit.

Next up was Folkfest!  Every year Kathy’s dad, Tom, runs the strawberry shortcake booth.  He and Eileen left for a trip that morning so he wasn’t able to be there.  But that didn’t stop the girls.  It was a gorgeous day (once the fog cleared) and we were desperate to get to the beach, but Kathy and I agreed to walk the girls over to the festival to get some strawberry shortcake.  Once that was done, it was time to go relax!


It was a great afternoon of sand, water and s’mores!

Sunday morning brought more intense fog over the water.  We were asked to come down to the marina basin to have the kids be part of a news story about a local paddle board rental outfit.  We drove over to Blue Mystique and got the girls suited up in life vests.  The four big girls, Kathy and Jack all participated.  Ben and I took Sabina for a spin in the dinghy.  The girls had so much fun in kayaks and paddle boards and loved seeing themselves on the news.

We finished out the lazy weekend with a day on the very windy, very foggy beach.

Monday’s forecast was picture perfect, but Tuesday’s water forecast looked bad so Ben suggested we just stay put until Wednesday.  It seemed silly to leave Monday just to spend Tuesday somewhere else.  The kids (and grownups) were excited to have what looked like it was going to be a gorgeous (and hopefully fog free) day ahead.

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