Manistique, MI – Part 3

We originally planned to stay the weekend and leave Monday morning to begin our trek towards Canada.  The fog was gone and Monday was a beautiful day.  However, as I said in my last post, we knew Tuesday wasn’t going to be good so we decided to just stay put until Wednesday and enjoy two more days with friends.  Ben and Jack resumed work Monday morning in their boat offices while the girls and I headed to the house to spend the day at the beach with Kathy and her girls.

I’ve been anxious to give our new paddle boards a try but Lake Michigan has been so cold that I am fearful of falling in.  I have pretty good balance, but not like Molly!  Monday was the day.  The lake was so calm and crystal clear.  The wind shifted to be out of the north so the bay where we were was protected by land and there was hardly a ripple on the water.  Molly and Livia took off on kayaks and I hopped on the paddle board and off we went.  What a gorgeous morning.  After awhile Maddy, Claudia and Sabina appeared on the other two paddle boards.


The girls spent all day on the beach.  Kathy and Jack had more friends arrive Monday afternoon.  Two more little girls to add to the mix!  All seven of them played really well.  It was too nice to go inside.  They played Old Maid, sitting in the sand down by the water.

They also organized a sunset gymnastics show for us on the beach, using giant logs as balance beams.  The sunset was as gorgeous as the day.  Such a gift after the wind and fog.

Tuesday we did it all again.  But this time with a bit of a heavy heart.  The girls knew it was their last day for awhile with Livia, Claudia and Sabina.  They played for hours in the sand building dams and creating new rivers, and then moving them and doing it all again.

We love living on the boat and traveling, as do the girls, but the goodbyes are always hard for all of us.  And saying goodbye to very close friends is all the more hard.  So, we soaked up the sun and the sand and our friends and had the best day we could before the hugs and tears began.

Thanks Manistique and Burnetts, it’s been fun as always!


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