Torch Lake, MI

I’m way behind in blogging.  Between numerous weather delays and a trip home for my youngest sister’s wedding I’ve just gotten behind.  We haven’t moved the boat much recently so not too much to talk about, but I’m determined to get caught up on past blog posts!

Sunrise in Charlevoix

During our long stay in Charlevoix, we decided to take a day trip to Torch Lake.  Our original plan was to leave Charlevoix and boat to Elk Rapids, in Grand Traverse Bay.  We would dock at the marina in Elk Rapids and then the marina would drive us (and our dinghy if we wanted) across the street to a little marina on Elk Lake.   We would then rent a pontoon boat on Elk Lake and navigate to Torch Lake for the day.   But, as is becoming a theme, the big lake wouldn’t cooperate and we couldn’t move to Elk Rapids.  We had a pretty good idea this would happen, so when we drove back to Charlevoix after my grandfather’s funeral we decided to just keep our rental car.  At that point we were going to break even on the weekly rate and figured we’d just drive to Torch Lake.  At first we planned on Tuesday, then on Wednesday and then finally, as the forecast would have it, we settled on Thursday.  The Wilsons also rented a car and we all went together.

A number of people had suggested Torch Lake to us so we’d done a lot of research about it and were excited for our small lake day!  We took coolers of food and drinks, towels, sunscreen, and the Zeeff’s ZUP board and off we went.  Torch Lake is in inland lake in Michigan that is supposed to have Caribbean like waters, plus a big sand bar to play on all day.  It was a super windy day so when we first got out onto the lake there was a lot of chop.  The lake is 19 miles long and the sand bar is at the south end.  We got a little wet making our way south, the girls took to lying on the floor to avoid the splashing waves.  They are used to being inside our cabin or up on the fly bridge far away from waves!

Taking cover…

We got to the sand bar and Ben and Bobby got the anchor all set.  We beached the pontoons on the sand bar but put the anchor out as well.  The girls all jumped off the boat immediately into knee deep clear water.  The colors on the water were indeed beautiful.  Caribbean blue and turquoise waters.  It was so easy to see the depth changes because of the changes in water color.  We spent much of the day playing at the sand bar.  The girls pulled each other around on the ZUP board and did some mini snorkeling around the boat.

We had a picnic lunch on the boat an took walks around the sandbar to people watch.  Right before we left Wendy decided to try her hand at fly boarding!  She’s braver than I am!

Later in the afternoon we pulled anchor and headed out onto the lake.  The girls all wanted to ZUP board.  Poor Mia still had her cast on her arm so she had to just watch.  But the four other girls all took a turn and then Wendy took a turn too!  You can tell she has the most experience water skiing.  She made it up on the board faster and with more stability than all of the little girls!

As evening was moving in we pulled back into the river, filled up with some gas and got back to the dock just in time.  Then we had to drive back to Charlevoix.  We stopped at the Dairy Grille on our way into town for a yummy quick dinner and some ice cream.  By then we were all exhausted and ready to spend another day waiting out weather in Charlevoix.  Torch Lake was a fun diversion!

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